LG reveals more robots ahead of CES 2018

LG CLOi,ces 2018

We saw LG introduce a variety of robots at CES last year, including several commercially focused gadgets, such as a robotic lawnmower, airport cleaning robot and an airport guide robot.

Now, the company has revealed three more commercial robots, in the form of the Serving Robot, Porter Robot and Shopping Cart Robot. It adds that the trio are part of LG’s new CLOi brand — yes, it’s pronounced KLOH-ee.

The Serving Robot is meant to “deliver meals and drinks to guests and customers at hotels and airport lounges quickly and efficiently”, LG notes on its website.

What about the Porter Robot? It’s exactly what you think it is…

“Designed to deliver luggage to guests’ rooms, the Porter Robot minimises the inconvenience that may result from slow service and long wait times during a hotel stay. The Porter Robot can also handle express check-in and check-out service and take care of payment, allowing busy guests to check out and have their luggage delivered to a waiting car in a fraction of the time,” read an excerpt from the website.

As for the Shopping Cart Robot? It’ll presumably be attached to shopping carts.

“With the help of LG’s Shopping Cart Robot, customers can scan items using a barcode reader on the robot to view product prices and see their complete shopping list on the face display. The robot can also guide shoppers to the products they select on a smartphone app.

The South Korean firm says that the CLOi range will sit alongside the LG ThinQ range, being LG’s brand for consumer-focused AI gadgets.



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