After fingerprint scanners, could selfie cameras go under screen next?

It seems like the tech world is patiently waiting for fingerprint scanners to go under the screen. In fact, CES 2018 saw Vivo demonstrate a production version of an under-display fingerprint scanner, set to be released later this year.

It’s reasonable to expect other major players such as Apple and Samsung to jump on this bandwagon. But it seems like the latter is could take things up a notch with the unearthing of a recent patent.

According to Telefoon Abonnement (via Phandroid), Samsung has filed a patent for a selfie camera embedded underneath the display.

The patent also suggests dropping the fingerprint scanner and iris scanner below the display. This would push phones ever closer to a 100% screen/body ratio, reducing the need for an Essential/iPhone style notch.

Speaking of the notch, one of the patent images do indeed show a notch of sorts, albeit slimmer than Apple and Essential’s efforts.

It wouldn’t be the first time we see manufacturers tinker with front-facing cameras either. 2011’s Nokia N9 moved the camera to the lower corner of the screen, while Xiaomi’s Mi Mix opted for a similar arrangement. In Xiaomi’s case, we also saw a radical earpiece that made use of piezeoelectric technology — no notch needed.

Oppo, meanwhile, opted to slap a camera on a motorised swivel, serving as both the main and selfie shooter on the N1 and N3.

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