VRChat: could this viral creation be VR’s killer app?


VR enjoyed a resurgence in the last few years, as technology caught up and allowed for some truly immersive experiences. But as the hype dies down, it could be argued that killer apps are still thin on the ground. Enter VRChat.

The application, available on Steam, allows community members to chat with each other, complete with avatars, full body tracking, hand tracking, emojis, emotes and more. There are also a few minigames to play, such as Capture the Flag and “battle discs”.

But VRChat’s greatest strength has to be its open nature, encouraging users to create their own minigames, scenarios, worlds, events and more via Unity and the VRChat SDK.

“Host your own show, teach a class on how to build in VRChat, create a musical performance, or start your own VR acting studio!” reads an excerpt from the game listing on Steam. And users have taken to community creations in a big way recently.

In fact, the application has spawned several viral moments already, including the utterly bizarre “do you know the way” meme (video seen below) and one of the most upvoted videos on reddit in the past week.



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