Fujifilm launches rent-to-own system for X-Series, Fujinon lenses

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Buying a camera is a pretty big investment, and by big we don’t just mean ridiculously expensive.

Thankfully, there are ways to purchase a camera without the need to drop exorbitant amounts of cash in one fell swoop, much like a smartphone contract.

Fujifilm South Africa has launched a new rent-to-own programme, which allows photographers to purchase a product not before using it for a set period of time.

Said periods include rentals of 12, 18 or 24 months.

The programme applies to Fujifilm’s mirrorless X-series of cameras, and Fujinon lenses.

“The Fujifilm Rent-to-Own system is designed to provide photographers with options to suit their pocket,” explains Eslie Basson, Fujifilm South Africa’s national sales manager.

“Now they can pay as little as R350 a month on select products and get exactly what they want, without the high upfront cost.”

Basson adds that the programme will be advantageous for the likes of wedding photographers, students, or those videographers looking to upgrade.

To join a programme, Fujifilm has a few stipulations prospective customers are required to meet:

To become part of Fujifilm Rent-to-Own programme, customers must fill in the online application, and provide a copy of their ID document, a proof of address, a payslip and bank statements of the last three months. The application will have to approved before the go-ahead from Fujifilm. The website calculates the exact rental price per month, with the ability to also add a deposit to bring down the cost per month.

Feature image: Andy Walker/Gearburn

Andy Walker, former editor


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