A Lyft driver found a Google Pixel 3 XL on his backseat

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If you thought Apple was bad at quelling leaks, have you heard of a company called Google?

The search giant turned technology and smartphone maker’s latest device has been leaked extensively, and even unboxed, all before its October launch date. But this weekend, the latest outrageous event took place in the back of a Lyft.

The driver reportedly spotted that his occupant had left a phone on the back seat. When he inspected it, it was — you guessed it — a Google Pixel 3 XL.

Android Police, the publication the driver contacted, has more on the incident:

These images were sent to us by a reader, who will be referred to as Anonymous Alligator in this post. Alligator is a Lyft driver, who found the phone in the back seat of his car after he dropped off a few passengers. He thought his own Pixel 2 XL had somehow fallen back, but he realized it was the 3 XL after seeing the notch and Google logo on the back.

You can’t make this stuff up.

The publication confirmed that the device was returned to its original owner, but we can’t help but imagine the awkward conversation that ensued.

Google’s Pixel 3 XL will reportedly launch in early October.

Feature image: Google

Andy Walker, former editor


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