Poll: Gearburn readers want smartphones with a headphone jack

Dear manufacturers, Gearburn readers really don’t want you removing the headphone jack from your smartphones.

According to a mini-poll which ran on our Facebook account earlier this month, 88% of respondents believed that phone makers should not remove the headphone jack.

Just 12% believe that the modern smartphone is better without the 3.5mm port.

More recently, phone manufacturers have been ditching the headphone jack en masse in favour of Bluetooth. Sony practically stripped the jack from its newer XZ models, following from the iPhone series in 2016.

OnePlus’s next smartphone, the 6T, will reportedly be the next device to not sport the jack.

One could claim that removing the jack, which was first invented in the 19th century, is a mark of progress. Apple made this point particularly clear, while it does offer a solution for users. Apple’s Airpods have become a favourite audio accessory of many users.

But countless high-quality headphones still require a cable to function, making jack-less smartphones non-starters.

Nevertheless, it’s clear that some are just not ready to part with the technology. And to be honest, neither are we.

Feature image: Memeburn

Andy Walker, former editor


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