A weird bug is stopping iPhone XS, XS Max from charging with their screens off

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Apple’s iPhone have been plagued by some daft bugs and flaws over the years.

Bendgate is perhaps the most iconic, but it wasn’t an issue for those who didn’t wear skinny jeans or didn’t sit on their phones.

The latest bug however could potentially affect every iPhone user.

A slew of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max users have reported that they cannot charge their phones when the screen is off.

Simply connecting the Lightning cable when the phone’s idling doesn’t initiate a charge. Instead, the phones simply lie there unfazed, and, uh, uncharged.

Users found that unplugging the cable, forcing the screen on, and reconnecting the cable remedied the issue. But still, it is kind of strange, isn’t it?

YouTuber Unbox Therapy highlighted the bug in a recent video, while Reddit’s Apple-related subs have seen their fair share of posts.

One thread on r/Apple has over 800 comments thus far.

“I’ve noticed this when plugging it in. I had to unplug it, then wake it, then plug it back in,” read the top post.

Glad to know it’s not just my iPhone being faulty. Hopefully this is fixed soon though.”

More interestingly, users within this thread also note that other models of the iPhone have also done this.

The iPhone X is mentioned, and even one case relating to an iPad Pro not properly charging.

Technical details of the issue remain unknown. We’re not sure whether it’s a hardware flaw with Apple’s products, or a software fault relating to iOS.

For now though, you may just want to make sure your iPhone’s screen is on before you connect that charging cable.

Feature image: Apple

Andy Walker, former editor


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