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If you have a question about a smartphone, computer or anything overtly tech related, there’s no better place to ask than the internet.

But sometimes, just punching your query into a search engine just doesn’t help. That’s where Reddit comes into its own.

Better known for its memes and copypasta, the social content aggregator is also an excellent place to learn more about technology, or seek help with specific queries.

Here are five of the best subs to frequent in this regard.


As it says on the tin, r/BuildAPC is where you go if you’re a first-time computer builder, or someone who needs recommendations on hardware choices from a gaggle of experienced enthusiasts.

Post the specs of your planned build, ask about the best budget 1440p monitors to buy, or simply gloat about your new rig. Whatever you do on this sub, there’s 1.3-million subscribers willing to give you advice, or lend a screwdriver.


Here’s the scenario: your phone just died in a tragic toilet scuba accident, and you’re now faced with the terrifying prospect of buying a new one. But which of the 40+ devices in your price range do you choose? That’s where r/PickAnAndroidForMe comes in.

The relatively small sub of 14 000 users helps people from a number of countries find phones within their given price range and list of requirements.

While we recommend you have a look at smartphone specifications for yourselves before purchase, this sub is an excellent beginner’s diving board.


There are two kinds of people in the world: those who ask others to solve issues on their computer, and those who do it themselves. r/TechSupport is home to both.

The sub houses more than 450 000 people all either stumped by a tech problem or housing the answer you’re looking for.

If your mouse isn’t working, your computer not booting, or your Windows installation plagued with some random malware that inserts cat pictures into your Word docs, r/TechSupport is a good place to start.


Why isn’t my phone receiving software updates? Why won’t my computer recognise my device? What does this icon mean?

These are some of the questions posed to the users of r/AndroidQuestions. With 47 000 users, the sub aims to help fellow Android users with questions ranging from the mundane to the truly complicated.


We didn’t forget about you, Apple users.

r/AppleHelp is what r/AndroidQuestions and the above subs are for Apple users.

Questions ranged from software issues with iOS to hardware queries with Macbooks are asked and answered in this sub. And with 34 000 people occupying its homepage, you’ll likely find the answer you’re looking for.

Feature image: Andy Walker/Gearburn

Andy Walker, former editor


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