Meizu Zero – the phone with no holes, no buttons – now has no future

meizu zero

Remember the Meizu Zero, the hole-less, portless smartphone which captured the world’s attention a few months ago? Well, it’s dead.

After Meizu launched a crowdfunding campaign for the device a month ago, asking $1299 for the device, it fell flat on its face, gaining just 29 backers, or $46 000 of its $100 000 goal.

While it seems like a complete defeat for the Chinese manufacturer, CEO Jack Wong suggests that it was just the marketing team “messing about”.

“[W]e never intended to mass-produce this project”.

Oh, well excuse me for thinking that you we’re serious, Meizu. Considering the lengthy specs list given for the device — including mention of a dual rear camera array and 20MP selfie up front — I could’ve almost have sworn you were serious.

Marketing or not, it’s clear that the world just isn’t ready for hole-less phones. And hilariously still, the Zero wasn’t completely sealed off from the outside world. The device no less required tiny holes for the microphones.

Nevertheless, marketing project or genuine go at the future of smartphone design, it seems that Meizu’s Zero is now completely dead.

Feature image: Meizu

Andy Walker


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