Bethesda’s bringing battle royale mode, actual living NPCs to Fallout 76

At its E3 2019 briefing, Bethesda revealed two free upcoming Fallout 76 updates dubbed “Wastelands” and ” Nuclear Winter” that will expand the multiplayer survival shooter even further.

The Wastelands update will bring non-player characters (NPCs) into the game, meaning that players will have the opportunity to compete with in-game characters.

“This huge update introduces a new main quest full of choices and consequences, and a lot of memorable characters with unique stories for you to interact with,” Bethesda revealed.

Players will be able to join Settlers or Raiders within the game, with their own “unique companions, stories and plenty of new weapons and armor”.

The free update is set to launch towards the latter half of 2019.

The Nuclear Winter update will bring battle royale to Fallout 76, and 52 new player-vs-player modes.

“Scavenge for weapons, supplies and nukes as you face off against your fellow players in the fight for the right to become the Overseer of Vault 51,” Bethesda explained.

A sneak peek into the free update is currently available.

Feature image: screenshot, Bethesda Softworks via YouTube

Shereesa Moodley


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