This Lenovo-made smart alarm clock features Google Assistant savvy

lenovo smart clock

Google on Monday revealed the new Smart Clock from Lenovo that has Google Assistant built in.

“For a more pleasant wake up, and to help manage your morning and evening routines, we teamed up with Lenovo”, the company said on its blog.

The Smart Clock, which is made up of a 4-inch touchscreen, features a USB port and a grey exterior, includes specialized Assistant features such as Sunrise Alarm. This alarm will increase the brightness of the device’s screen “gradually” 30 minutes before the set time.

“The Lenovo Smart Clock also allows you to easily snooze the alarm — you can hard tap on it without having to look at the screen or just say ‘stop’”, Google explained.

The clock automatically changes to dark mode at night and can suggest the best alarm times based on your habits as well.

“By simply saying ‘Hey Google, good night,’ you can turn off all the lights, activate your house alarm, decrease your smart clock volume, and play some relaxing music,” the company also noted.

The Lenovo Smart Clock is on sale for $80 in United States, and will launch in other countries over the remainder of 2019.

Feature image: Google

Shereesa Moodley


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