The next crop of iPhones could be the ugliest ever made

iphone 11 dummy units mobile fun youtube

Apple displayed immense “courage” when it removed the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 series in 2016, but it’ll need even more this year  should it debut these devices as the iPhone 11 series.

The purported three “dummy” iPhones — empty shells used by smartphone case companies as moulds — were caught being manhandled in a new video by Mobile Fun, and they make us feel strangely queesy.

Pictured prominently are the rear camera arrays — what’ll become the phone’s iconic feature. The iPhone 11 Max, again, the largest of the three devices, will feature three cameras at the back, arranged in a triangle within a square. The iPhone 11 will share the same design, only smaller. The iPhone XR will get two cameras. And yes, that also looks weird, arranging their cameras vertically within said square.

The square isn’t the problem here either. The rumoured Google Pixel 4 shares the same camera module design, housing its digital eyes in a square at the rear too. But it’s centred on Google’s phone. It’s in the top-left hand corner on Apple’s.

You may love it, loathe it, or couldn’t really care (we see you r/AndroidMasterRace user), either way, expect a new iPhone in whatever shape, form or colour from Apple in a few months.

Feature image: screenshot, Mobile Fun via YouTube

Andy Walker, former editor


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