Lenovo, HP and Dell push 2019’s PC shipments into positive territory

lenovo s130 black friday 2019

2019 was a good year if you were a PC vendor, especially if you’re Lenovo, HP or Dell.

According to Gartner, it was the first full year since 2011 that PC shipments had increased year-over-year, albeit by a modest amount.

PC shipments in 2019 were up by just 0.6% versus 2018. When comparing Q4 2018 to Q4 2019 though, that number’s a much healthier 2.6%.

In total, more than 261-million PCs were shipped in 2019 versus 259.7-million a year before.

The big three lead in shipments in 2019

In Q4 2019, Lenovo (24.8%), HP (22.8%) and Dell (17.2%) were responsible for more than 65% of the shipments. Apple (7.5%), Asus (5.8%) and Acer (5.7%) trailed the big three.

Overall in 2019, Lenovo shipped 62.9-million devices, an increase of 8.1% over 2018. HP hit 57.9-million, an increase of 3% over 2018. Dell also saw a 5.2% increase in shipments over 2018, with 43.9-million devices.

However, shipments for Apple (-0.9%), Acer (-6.1%) and Asus (-6.2%) all slowed in 2019 over 2018.

Despite big gains for the big three, Gartner doesn’t see the momentum lasting. It believes the PC market will stagnate once more over the next five years.

Feature image: the budget Lenovo IdeaPad S130, by Lenovo

Andy Walker, former editor


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