DJI launches the Mavic Air 2 with 48MP camera, longer flight time

DJI mavic air 2

Didn’t DJI choose the best time to launch a new drone?

The Chinese company unveiled the new Mavic Air 2 this past weekend, which now features a bigger camera sensor and longer flight time.

That sensor now features 48MP, up from the 12MP on the first edition. This also means an increase in video resolution from 4K@30fps to 60fps with 8K timelapse support too.

Flight time is now also buffed to 34 minutes which means even more time to annoy air traffic. Thankfully, the company’s adding what it calls AirSense tech, which alerts the drone pilot of nearby aircraft. This feature will initially only be available in North America.

Speaking of pilots, they’re getting a reworked controller too. Gone is the bottom-mounted smartphone slider and in comes a top-mounted device instead. There’s also a distinct lack of visible antennae too in the larger but more organised controller.

As for price, you’re looking at $799 for the drone itself, with a Fly More bundle coming in at just under $1000.

There’s no word on SA pricing or availability just yet.

Feature image: DJI

Andy Walker, former editor


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