7 reasons you should upgrade to the Huawei P40 lite [Sponsored]

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It’s tough finding a capable smartphone that’ll work as hard as you do every day. A phone that’ll impress you the more you use it. A phone that’s feature-packed without breaking the bank. Thankfully, you needn’t look very far.

Huawei’s P40 lite taking South Africa by storm and making waves in the country’s competitive mid-range smartphone segment.

We outline some of the things you should know about the phone, and why the Huawei P40 lite should be your next handset.

A functional fashion flex

Classy yet functional: that’s the P40 lite’s aesthetic in a nutshell. Its body features scuptured edges improving comfort and confidence when using it one-handed.

A side-mounted fingerprint sensor is a silent star in the phone’s feature set, making it even easier to unlock the P40 lite without hesitation.

At the rear, the P40 lite’s sleek lines are enhanced by the impressive quad-camera array, while up front the generous thin border display houses a nifty selfie camera in a dew drop.

You can also have the P40 lite in either Sakura Pink or Midnight Black.

Powerful hardware

The P40 lite is powered by the Kirin 810F, a modern, multi-core chipset that includes 4G support and GPU Turbo technology. The latter intelligently improves gaming performance without sacrificing battery life.

The P40 lite also includes 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage giving users plenty of room for multitasking and storage space for photos and music.

Other features like a 3.5 mm headphone jack, a USB-C port, and a expandable storage card slot, make this phone as capable as it is beautiful.

Views without boundaries

The screen is where the smartphone and the user meet, so why settle for a compromised experience?

The P40 lite employs a bright LCD with a 2310×1080 resolution, equivalent to smartphones at much higher price points.

At 6.4-inches, it also stretches deep into the corners of the phone, extending the viewing area and decreasing the size of those borders.

Its size and pixel density is perfect for binging the latest series or playing the latest mobile games.

Further enhancing its charm is a dew drop which houses the P40 lite’s remarkable selfie camera.

Capture your life in crisp detail

That selfie camera is one of five snappers on this remarkable smartphone.

It features a 16MP sensor with smarts that’ll leave a lasting impression. Super Night Selfie mode is perfect for night-time snaps. It brightens your face, optimises lighting and uses Multi-Frame Fusion technology to ensure you always look your best.

At the rear you have four more cameras to play with.

A 48MP primary camera adds Handheld Super Night mode and AI stabilisation to your photography skills, giving you the power to capture shots you never believed you could.

Get even more detail in your shot with the 8MP ultra wide angle lens, zoom in even closer with the 2MP macro camera, or beautifully blur the background with the 2MP bokeh lens.

Battery life to last the weekend

If battery life is important to you, the P40 lite includes a generous 4200mAh battery, the same size as the Huawei P40 Pro.

When you’re done snapping, socialising, calling, and recording for the day, you can recharge quickly with Huawei’s 40W SuperCharge technology, ensuring you’re topped up before doing it all again.

EMUI based on Android 10

The P40 lite is the latest Huawei smartphone powered by EMUI 10 based on Android 10. The slick, feature-filled OS includes a wealth of features to improve your daily experience.

It includes a cleaner, smarter layout with an elegant colour scheme that matches the P40 lite’s aesthetic. Intelligent multitasking is enhanced by more natural menu transisions, while the included apps ensure you have a tool for any job daily life requires.

Regular OS updates will ensure your device is always running at peak performance.

The only app store you’ll ever need

The rising star in Huawei’s expanding software offering, the AppGallery is where you’ll find all the apps you should ever want or need.

The botique app stores curates the biggest apps in the country, as well as global favourites from the planet’s biggest developers.

Find games, social apps, and more alongside regular special offers, exclusive local deals, and a host of apps made by local developers for local use cases.

This article is sponsored by Huawei.

Feature image: Huawei



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