Gaming for a cause: South-African-founded platform GivenGain rolls out charity live streams

givengain game live streaming charity

South-African-founded fundraising platform GivenGain has introduced live-streaming functionality so that gamers, YouTubers, and others raise money for charities using this popular format.

While charity live streams have existed for some time, the coronavirus pandemic has heightened the need to fundraise from afar.

With in-person events proving unsafe and people staying at home, live-streamed fundraisers offer a safe and digitally accessible way to rally for causes.

Gaming live streams have also proven to be an effective way to raise money. For example, the Yogscast Jingle Jam has raised millions of dollars for charity over the years.

GivenGain debuted this charity gaming live stream potential with South African streamer and gaming personality Grant Hinds earlier this year.

The gaming live stream lasted 12 hours and raised over R40 000 for the New Hope SA shelter.

GivenGain President Marius Maré says that the feature will help make fundraising more accessible to individuals and smaller organisations.

“With our live stream widgets, we’re not just connecting streaming and fundraising, we’re helping to level the playing field between large and small non-profits. Any charity or fundraiser can use our technology free of charge, connecting them with a socially aware new generation of Generation Z charity supporters,” he says.

“It’s a very exciting time for charities and a big focus for GivenGain. People are cooped up during COVID-19, which causes many people to spend a lot of time online. Why not use that time to do a charity drive and potentially make a huge difference in the process?”

How to live stream on GivenGain

Registered GivenGain users will be able to add live streaming once they’ve set up a fundraising project.

You can add live streaming on the Settings page.

“Choose an active project from the Livestreaming tab, and copy the links to our Donation Alert and Progress Bar widgets into your live streaming platform,” GivenGain explains.

Stream viewers can see the progress of donations. The widget also enables alerts for donations — which include the donor’s name, the amount donated, and any message of support.

For more detailed instructions on how to set up live streams in fundraising projects, visit the GivenGain website.

Feature image: GivenGain

Megan Ellis, Editor


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