PS5 scammers: Console launch attracts interest of cybercriminals

playstation 5 orders

Kaspersky has detected a surge in interest in the upcoming launch of Sony’s gaming console, the PlayStation 5 (PS5), among phishers and scammers.

In the leadup to the console’s launch in November, experts found around 150 suspicious web resources using the word “PlayStation” between July and September.

Over 60 sites were found in September alone.

According to Kaspersky, these phishing sites are mostly offering pre-orders for the PS5. The sites request consumers’ pre-payment details or personal information.

Furthermore, some of the sites advertise reduced pricing for the PS5 and its predecessor, the PlayStation 4.

“We want to remind users that if something looks too good to be true on the Internet, then it’s most probably a scam. Sales and pre-order messages are worth checking with reliable sources,” says Tatyana Sidorina, Lead Web Content Analyst at Kaspersky.

In fact, South African e-commerce website Koodoo recently warned customers of a fraudster posing as the distributor to scam users with fake PS5 pre-orders.

How to avoid PS5 scammers

Kaspersky suggests that users protect themselves from phishing threats by double-checking URLs to ensure that sites are credible.

You should also not enter payment details or personal information if you’re unsure if a site is credible and safe.

When placing an order online for the console, make sure that you only use verified and trusted retailers. You should also stick to secure payment methods.

If you believe you have been a target for phishers and scammers, contact your bank.

Earlier this month, Sony had unveiled the recommended retail price of the console, clocking in at R11 999 for the flagship console, with the digital edition is retailing at R9 999.

The PS5 launches on 19 November in South Africa.

Feature image: Sony

Ashleigh Klein


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