The best Huawei devices of 2020 [Sponsored]

Huawei P40 Pro 5G

While 2020 posed some challenges for Huawei, the year also saw the tech giant release some of its best products and most diverse ranges in South Africa.

From wearables and smartphones to laptops and tablets, the local market benefitted from a variety of competitive products from Huawei.

We’ve rounded up some of the best products that the company launched in South Africa in 2020…

Best flagship: The Huawei P40 Pro

Huawei P40 Pro

The Huawei P40 Pro continues to be one of the best flagship smartphones on the market, equipped with exceptional battery life, a sleek design, and an amazing camera.

In terms of hardware, it offers some of the best features for its price range, including 5G support and a quad camera with a 50MP, 40MP, 12MP and depth-sensing lens in the setup.

The P40 Pro is available for a recommended price of R20 999 on the Huawei online store.

Best affordable smartphone: P40 lite 5G

p40 lite 5g

In a year that saw more and more 5G smartphones launch locally, Huawei launched the most affordable 5G smartphone in South Africa — the P40 lite 5G.

The phone brought the exceptional quality of the P40 lite, along with an enhanced camera and 5G support. All this came in under R10 000 at launch — a price competitors did not manage to beat for another 5G smartphone by the end of the year.

The P40 lite 5G is available for a recommended price of R9 499 on the Huawei online store.

Best wearable: Huawei Watch Fit

huawei watch fit

For the Watch Fit, Huawei decided to try something different from its usual smartwatches.

Rather than just going for the trendy aesthetic of a rectangular watch face, it made this a really functional feature by adding an animated coach that can take you through certain exercises and stretches.

The watch also balances the affordability and great features of Huawei’s other smartwatches to deliver a product that gives consumers value for their money.

The Watch Fit is available for a recommended price of R2 999 on the Huawei online store.

Best laptop: Matebook X Pro

matebook x pro laptop

Huawei really showed the South African market that it can also deliver great PC hardware when it launched its MateBook range locally.

The best of these is the MateBook X Pro, which was launched in December.

The high-performance laptop delivers awesome battery life, a sleek design that is incredibly portable, and a secure fingerprint reader that remains a relatively rare feature on laptops.
The laptop also shows off the Huawei software ecosystem thanks to its PC Manager software that works with Huawei smartphones like the P40 Pro.

The MateBook X Pro is available for a price of R34 999 from the Huawei online store.

Feature image: Andy Walker/Memeburn

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