PlayStation 5 storage upgrades coming later this year – report

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The PlayStation 5 (PS5) is set to receive upgrades to its storage system in mid-2021, according to a report, which would solve a major inconvenience for owners of the console.

Reporting by Bloomberg on February 26 said Sony will roll out firmware updates that will allow players of the console to upgrade the internal storage with compatible M.2 solid state drives (SSDs).

The update will also unlock higher cooling fan speeds to prevent the console from overheating.

Once the update has rolled out, players will need only remove the plastic covering of their consoles to attach new storage devices.

A Sony spokesman confirmed to Bloomberg that details about the update would be released later. But no further details were given on the timing of the rollout.

Storing gargantuan games

Storage space has been an ongoing issue since the launch of the PlayStation 5 in late 2020.

The console comes with a custom SSD that offers 667GB of usable space (down from 825GB, thanks to the OS and a few other things). But modern games such as Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demon’s Souls can take up more than 50GB of space.

And in the case of Miles Morales, that’s before you add additional DLC.

Players are able to connect external drives to the console via USB, but only to store and play PS4 games.

The issue of bigger games is also starting to impact other console players.

Last week, Activision announced that the next Call of Duty collection may not fit on PS4 base models with 500GB storage. The collection includes the latest Warzone update and the full Black Ops: Cold War and Modern Warfare packages.

This problem will likely impact the PS5 as well, limiting the number of games players can store on the console.

Feature image: Sony

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Sam Spiller, Staff Writer


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