iTest lets iPhone users experience Samsung’s Android UI

Samsung iTest Apple home screen

A new web app called iTest allows iPhone users to experience Samsung’s version of Android.

The app was first reported by MacRumors on 8 April.

According to the report, the app was advertised only in New Zealand. However, iPhone users around the world can try it out.

What is iTest?

iTest is an interactive website that showcases Samsung’s Android One UI and simulates a Samsung Galaxy smartphone home screen. Users can open apps such as the Galaxy Store, choose and apply themes, and even check messages.

It forms part of Samsung’s attempts to attract Apple customers to their offerings. It’s a clever way to check out the hardware’s experience without having to buy it.

A recent study by investment firm Piper Sandler showed 88% of teenagers in the US have an iPhone. Meanwhile, 90% of them expect their next phone to be an iPhone as well.

How to use the iTest website

If you visit the iTest website, you will see a QR code that must be scanned using an iPhone.

When scanned, the website will present a Samsung Galaxy smartphone homepage complete with apps and notifications.

Just remember, the app doesn’t access your real messages so those will still appear as normal on your iPhone.

You can receive simulated phone calls and messages that tell you more about Galaxy features. There is also a tutorial presented by photographer Logan Dodds that walks you through how to use a Samsung camera.

You can access apps such as the Galaxy Store and Galaxy Wearables, the latter of which provides details on accessories such as the Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Watch. There are also tutorials for the Samsung Kids and Samsung Health apps.

The gallery showcases a few photos as well.

However, there are some limits to the app. Some phone settings are blocked with a message reminding users the settings are just for show.

Feature image: Screenshot/Brendon Peterson

Editor’s note: Thanks to Brendon Peterson of for providing the screenshots for this article.

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Sam Spiller, Staff Writer


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