Computer Mania launches PCBuilder – Simplifying the customer journey

Computer Mania
Computer Mania launches PCBuilder, an innovative tool that enables users to create their own custom PC.

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PCBuilder, an innovative tool that enables users to create their own custom PC, is now available at Computer Mania

PCBuilder was launched as part of a vision to empower resellers and customers with the information they need to make informed choices. Never before has this type of customization and ease-of-access to information been available to customers.

Gamers of all levels of experience now have the ability to create a custom PC gaming rig according to their own requirements, in three easy steps:

  1. Select Your Games
  2. Set Your Budget
  3. Start Gaming

Successfully tested in South Africa and internationally through the Game Tester platform, PCBuilder is highly rated for design and ease of use. During the building process, the user selects their games, sets their budget, and then receives recommendations for potential components for their gaming PC.

To determine its recommendations, PCBuilder uses independent 3DMark benchmarking scores, providing an unbiased rating for users to rely on.

Creating a custom gaming rig will no longer be limited to experts or require in-depth knowledge and research. PCBuilder provides users with the power to make informed decisions through a seamless journey with Computer Mania.

Custom units are assembled and delivered according to specifications and ready within 72 hours, while preassembled systems and in-stock purchase ship within 24 hours.

“Computer Mania is committed to providing excellent service and efficient turnaround times to all our customers. The addition of PCBuilder to our platform, provides an opportunity to serve the gaming community and ensure that custom build PCs are accessible to a wider audience,” says Jandre De Milander, Chief Executive Officer of Computer Mania. “With more than 30 years’ experience and 32 retail stores in South Africa, Computer Mania provides peace of mind to all customers, being able to provide support online or instore when required.”

How PCBuilder works

The Computer Mania PCBuilder tool allows a selection of six gaming titles to determine recommendations for components. These include Apex Legends, Call of Duty Warzone, Forza Horizon 5, Fortnite, Minecraft, and Elden Ring. In addition, a range of budget options are available, to ensure that recommendations are structured accordingly.

Once the first two steps are completed, PCBuilder will provide a range of suggestions for a custom setup. The recommendation page includes details such as expected framerate at different resolutions for selected games.

The recommended build has information such as the CPU, motherboard, RAM, GPU, storage, and chassis.

Customizing suggested PCs

Users are not limited to selecting from suggested products but have the freedom to customize the setup and switch out any of its components. Recommendations can also be adjusted according to budget.

During the customisation process, users have the ability to select alternate hardware and view real-time updates of how the changes affect the price and performance estimates. Estimates also include an additional Time Spy benchmark to add more context for expected performance.

PCBuilder is an excellent tool for first-time gaming PC customers, who may not be familiar with compatibility requirements.

The streamlined, user-friendly tool provides the function to remove incompatible components and provides recommendations for alternative components.

While customising the product, PCBuilder advises which components are not compatible with the current build or available components. For example, if the selected motherboard is incompatible with a CPU due to its processor socket, the tool will indicate this.

PCBuilder’s customisation tab provides users with an overview of the power consumption of the rig. This assists with managing energy requirements, or upgrade recommendation to a stronger power supply, should the preferred hardware require more power.

When previewing a build, users may add additional components and accessories (such as software or case fans). The platform also allows items such as monitors, keyboards, and other peripherals to be added to the shopping cart.

Once satisfied with the selection, users have the option to create a quote or check out with their current selection.

Completed customer orders are ready within 72 hours.

This article is sponsored and supplied by Computer Mania.



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