Lenovo’s T1 glasses: A big screen in your pocket

Lenovo has come in to provide a big screen in your pocket.

Lenovo has announced the Lenovo T1 Glasses with a virtual monitor to provide streamers with a display on the go.

The glasses are compatible with most smartphones and tablets with full-function USB-C.

The glasses offer quality optics with great battery life for gamers and those working while on the go.

Content is consumed differently and the Lenovo glasses T1 has ticked an innovative box to deliver content in a more seamless manner.

Using the glasses means having less equipment to travel with. Professionals have a private workspace to operate from.

The glasses are compatible with Android and iOS devices and can also connect with lightning connector-equipped iOS devices via an optional adapter.

Swappable nose clips, adjustable temple arms are some of the perks that maximizes comfort for extended use.

The glasses also support custom prescription lenses via an in-box attachable frame.


Resolution 1920 x 1080 per eye.

Micro OLED display

High-fidelity built-in speakers

The device is compatible with Android (Requires Full-functional USB-C only)6 Windows
iOS with Lightning connector (Requires HDMI to Glasses Adapter; Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter)7,8.

Is it VR/AR experience?

The T1 are made for professionals, and gamers. It is not advisable to walk around wearing them while they’re on projecting as this will obscure your vision.

The glasses connect to a source using a cable and are designed for users to remain stationery while in use.

From PC’s, tablets to Macs and other devices the glasses can connect using a USB-C.

To use the glasses on iOS you will need an adapter from Lenovo and an Apple’s digital AV adapter.

The Lenovo T1 glasses can stream videos or games and view important documents while tethered to a device.

The glasses battery will last hours without draining connected device battery.

We’ll have to wait for the roll out of the glasses to find out more about the final pricing.

The glasses are expected to hit China later this year.

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Feature image: Lenovo



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