Here’s our top three UPS options for Eskom’s load shedding

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Here’s a plan for those unplanned Eskom blackouts that we feel might just come in handy.

It’s three of the most noteworthy UPS systems that seem to be a crowd favorite.

What is a UPS system?

An uninterruptible power supply allows a computer to keep running for a short period when power goes out.

When the power goes out unexpectedly, the UPS switches to battery power and inverts DC power to AC power in order to power equipment.

Most entry-level UPS systems are designed to power security systems, computers, WiFi routers, IT-related infrastructure and basic electronic equipment.

Three types of UPS 

Online double conversion

These are preferred when safeguarding IT loads to protect against power outages.

It’s called the double conversion because incoming power is converted to direct current (DC) and then converted back to AC.


These provide better control over power fluctuations.

These allow higher voltage inputs, while they come with a voltage boost circuitry and a range of input voltage that the UPS accepts.

 Offline/Standby/Battery backup

The standby UPS or battery backup is the most cost effective.

This choice is fast in switching to battery in order to prevent a power trip.

It can run for an effective period.

Now that we’ve brought you up to speed, here are three UPS systems that we think could assist you power through those dark nights.

5kVA Pure Sine Wave Inverter 48V UPS Backup System

With a 5000W pure sine wave inverter the 48 DC battery has voltage input of around 220V perfect for residential areas.

It comes with a built-in AC battery charger and automatic switch over to battery power when the electricity grid AC power goes off.

Price: R 7 651 (Takealot)

The mini power backup UPS for Modems and routers

With over 4.3 reviews the so called mini UPS system is fast gaining traction.

Six months limited warranty.

This mini power backup unit comes with 1 y cable for support of 2 x9V or 2 x 12 V devices.

Multiple different connector sizes for various device input sizes.

Priced at R 1099.

Small Power Backup UPS for Laptops, Modems, and Routers

This small compact mini UPS supports 2 x 5V USB, 1 x 9V or 12V DC, 4 x 12V DC, and 1 x 19V DC for laptops  and all outputs can be used simultaneously.

Price 1 489

Note: UPS systems were aggregated according to online reviews. Readers are encouraged to find their own preferred brand choices.

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