What is a crypto wallet and why this crypto browser has our attention

Crypto a word that has a literal definition and a new age definition is fast becoming an alternative means of trade.

In the literal sense, crypto is defined as a word meaning hidden or secret, used in the formation of compound words.

If you asked someone in this day and age, they’re most likely to define it as an alternative to normal money.

One of the most commonly known currencies is Bitcoin, created in 2009, as an open open-source software.

Bitcoin opened the door to many other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin allows users to make transparent user-to-user transactions.

The users can view secured transactions which are secured using an algorithm within the blockchain.

This allows only the owner of the Bitcoin to decrypt it, with a private key given to each owner.

Other cryptocurrencies work in similar fashion.

Other types of cryptocurrencies:


Launched in 2011 as Bitcoins’ competitor, Litecoin has a global payment network which is decentralized.


Created in 2015, Ethereum is also an open source platform based on blockchain tech.


A digital currency that was built on the original Bitcoin code base. It is built on a decentralized blockchain.

Stellar Lumen

Stellar Lumen allows users to send any currency they own to someone else in a different currency.

Crypto wallet

It is a program or device that stores your cryptocurrency keys to allow users to access their coins.

It is called a wallet due to its similiarity to a wallet people put cash and cards in.

The wallet stores the passkeys used to sign for cryptocurrency transactions.

This interesting Cypto browser

Opera Crypto Browser provides users with a smooth, private and secure Web3 experience.

The browser provides safe Web3 experience with features such as secure clipboard, phishing protection, an address checker and the industry’s first multi-wallet management tool: the Wallet Selector.

It was designed for seamless interaction with Web3 DApps and multiple wallet.

Introduced around 2018, as the worlds first browser with a built in crypto wallet, Opera Crypto browser lets users easily switch between your Opera Wallet and favourite wallet extensions like Metamask.

Investing in crypto assets involves massive risks.

Users risk losing entire investment portfolios.

Trading and owning cryptocurrencies is fast becoming an appropriate medium for any financial situation and Opera’s Crypto Browser definitely gets a nod from our camp.

The Opera crypto browser is available on both iOS and Android.

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