Here’s a fresh online supermarket for your needs, the Avo super app

Imagine a digital mall where you could buy pretty much anything from a car to some of your favourite takeaway.

A super app ecosystem is emerging rapidly with both consumers and businesses realizing the power of super app marketplaces.

Nedbank has quickly spotted the trend to not only deliver their products but to create an ecosystem for the future tech-savvy buyer.

Enter the super app

Shaping a new lifestyle online through a well tailored digital experience has never been easier with the Avo Super App, a first of it’s kind.

What is Avo and what does it do?

This is Nedbank’s new one stop shop companion where users can buy pretty much anything at the touch of a button.

Avo is Nedbank’s answer to buyer questions, whether they’re in need of a personal loan or funeral cover or simply want to buy a pizza.

With all credit and loans backed and supported by Nedbank users now will have access to a seamless online market place to cater to their lifestyle needs through what seems to be a futuristic digital experience.

The Avo super app

Brands, business and entrepreneurs will have access to enhanced technology capabilities to accommodate the robust growth of the app.

Launched on Wednesday at the scenic Leonardo this Avo app provides a unique shopping experiences that’s fresh with a promise to make easier buyer experience.

Shop for all your needs in this new digital mall, the Avo super app introduces daily essentials, fresh produce, household items including baby products and more to have all your items delivered straight to your door.

Enjoy placing orders on multiple takeaway places only to check out once.

Say you want a burger and your aunt want’s pizza, or sushi.

Placing orders using the app means users can order from all their favourite restaurants with one easy checkout at the end.

You drink, we drive, a catchy slogan from the Avo team who also introduce the shop for liquor options on the app.

Browse thousands of cars and accessories on the platform, which hopes to increase their reach throughout Africa in a tech savvy era which is fast on the rise as the digital divide shrinks.

The Avo app is available on both Android and iOS.

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