Smart tech to expect in 2023

It’s been a tech-heavy 2022, with new additions to the market such as the iPhone 14 series, the Huawei Nova series additions, and the TCL smart screen power monitors including intelligent vacuum cleaners.

With a solid lineup of tech from competitors this year, one could ask what tech many can look forward to next year, which by the way is only weeks away.

Lenovo South Africa reached out in providing some insight into what tech-savvy innovations many can expect with the incoming new year.

Holographic tech

First on the list is holographic technology which will have attendees feel as real as if they were there.

While video meeting apps such as Zoom, Google meet and others gained popularity as a result of Covid19, holographic tech is most likely to be the next shift to meetings at the office.

Users will be able to present products, have product launches and make an impact with full sized holograms with the ability to interact with virtual objects.

Lenovo says in blending the physical and digital (Phygital) it will most likely take priority and their concept Cyber Space tech showcases how the two worlds could be integrated.

Shape changing devices

Device screen size is fast becoming the valued characteristic of any device to allow multitasking features, designed to shoot as well as edit videos while streaming content.

Lenovo predicts phones are most likely to become smaller with the ability to magnify when needed.

Motorola and Lenovo unveiled the rollable smartphone which retracts to just 4.5 inches tall.

This pocket friendly smartphone expands when users need more screen space, for work, movie or a game.

For desktop Lenovo shows off it’s Rollable PC which also rolls out a 15.3 inch screen for added productivity.

Wear your screen

For those who need portability and privacy, waring their screens will fast become a thing.

This is why Lenovo brought the Lenovo Glasses T1, a powerful set of glasses for content consumption.

Smarter shops

Artificial intelligence is fast becoming part of many peoples vocabulary and this means different shopping habits.

The franchise industry has peaked on this frontier to bring menu’s and orders straight to buyer doors.

Shops may most likely analyze buying patterns in shops to ensure stock remains at capacity in the future.

AI enabled glasses will mean users will have the ability to checkout without using the traditional method.

There’s much more coming in the new year and from us and our tech team we wish many a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year as we look forward to new tech, innovation and smarter devices.

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