Wait…Is this smartphone all screen and no frame? | Red Magic 8 Pro

With a hidden front camera, concealed fingerprint sensor and a glass cover front and back, this recently launched Red Magic 8 Pro seems to come with surprising extra features for the adventurous buyer.

This gaming-ready smartphone comes heavily packed with a 6.8-inch Amoled display no curves and a weight of 230 g.

This very smart gaming smartphone was launched in December 2022 and is expected to go on sale in February this year.

So what’s got our attention about this smartphone?

It’s the hidden front camera and color-changing back which apparently can be customized to user preference.

The ZTE nubia Red Magic 8 Pro comes with an aluminum frame, a glass front and back, pressure zones and an impressive built-in cooling fan.

Resolution is at 1116 x 2480 pixels at 20:9 ratio with 164 x 76.4 x 8.9mm dimensions meaning it’s a pretty bulky phone for the gamer.

The hidden front/selfie camera comes at 16MP and is cleverly hidden under the front display.

A step in the right direction for any smartphone as this maximizes screen usage for those addictive games.

Larger screen for better gaming experience seems to be the inspiration behind putting the ZTE Nubia Red Magic 8 Pro together as worthy contender in a growing gaming phone market.

The phone does almost look like a Sony Experia or maybe it’s just me, but at 230g it’s a little on the heavy side for my pocket.

With a 3.5 mm headphone jack, stereo speakers, a 5 000 mAh battery, users can look forward to not only take better pictures with the 50 MP main camera but a have access to a more gaming-aggression- ready smartphone.

The ZTE nubia Red Magic 8 Pro comes with a myriad of customizable settings.

Users can change the lights at the rear of the phone, toggle between several themes, customize RGB lights, set what colour the phone flashes when charging and more.

Game space slider

The ZTE nubia Red Magic 8 Pro transforms into a gaming console when you press the game space slider.

RED magic 8 pro has an impressive 20 000 RPM fan when maxed out with options to enjoy gaming while the fan is on.

The fan can be controlled manually for users who prefer to hear the game sounds without blaring fan noises as interference.

Users can record games with storage of up to 256 gigs with a long lasting battery.

The Red Magic 8 Pro although impressive with innovative features like the hidden camera, fingerprint scanner and impressive 20 000 rmp fan and RGB lights, is still on the lessor known side of phones.

Maybe that will change as more tech savvy tech heads explore different brands for gaming devices.

The phone ZTE nubia Red Magic 7 Pro retails at R 10 700.

While the Red magic 8 Pro promises to beat expectations, with excellent responsiveness and performance it would be very cool to unbox it when it lands on our shores.

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