Incoming from Apple, AirPods Pro with USB-C

Apple launched their second generation AirPods Pro last year in September and it seems the company will include a USB type C port for the AirPods case later this year.

Last year the European Union sent global shockwaves in a ruling to announce that the lightning cables would be replaced by USB-C.

Now USB-C is likely to become the latest addition to the AirPods and Mac accessories by next year with the iPhone 15 expected to come with the USB-C port.

Apple could start shipping off USB-C version AirPods as early as later this year.

The current AirPods Pro launched last year in September came with a lightning charging case.

This will change according to new information, which confirms that Apple is replacing the lightning option for USB-C.

Other changes to the AirPods are said to be a find my device option for the case.


The current case for the AirPods Pro comes with a built in speaker in the case to make a sound when misplaced as well as compatibility with the Apple Watch charger.

Iphone devices including the much anticipated iPhone 15 are most likely to come fully padded with the USB-C port, going forward, despite Apple’s maverick and trend setting ways.

Launched in September 2022 the AirPods Pro are the second generation model for the earbuds originally launched in 2019.

With rounded design and silicone ear tips, the Airpods come in white with an updated H2 chip to allow new capabilities which include active noise cancellation, noise cancelling microphone and rear vent detector for incoming sound.

For more bass the AirPods come with a custom amplifier and a low distortion audio driver for crisp sounds.

The pods support the latest Bluetooth 5.3 specification, a speech detecting accelerometer, head tracking and skin detect sensor.

All these sensors power the devices features.

The Airpods Pro 2 offer up to six hours of listening time with a battery capacity of 49.7 mAh.

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