Retro Sony Walkman music player NW-A300 comes stylishly compact

In a nostalgic turn, retro-themed gadgets seem like a popular crowd favourite and Sony has heeded the call to introduce the NW-A300 a tactile music player rumored to come with exceptional music experience.

With a longer battery life the users can enjoy up to 32 hours in music playback and around 26 hours using the music service app.

The rework of the timeless Walkman series means Sony just may bring back the early 2000s.

Retro gadgets mean Sony has reworked the Walkman lineup to introduce the Sony NW-A300 which comes with an almost rough backed design.

The music player comes in 3.6″ 60 hertz 1280 x720 LCD touch screen display, Bluetooth 5, two different sized internal storage sizes and a memory card slot to back up your favorite tunes.

The music player has a headset jack, USB 3.2 GEN one port for fast transfers and is Android powered.

Sony has brought back the 1980s, and the NW-A300 is not its first attempt.

The NWZ-Z1000 was their first which practically looked like the Xperia phone.

Sony introduced the NW-105 in 2019 packed with android 9, and the new upgrade comes with android 12.

The card deck sized NW-A300 measures 6×98.5×12 mm, should come with a competent battery, buttons on the side for fast music control and the power button on top of its retro colour and display.

The iconic music player should start at around $1 600 with the gold plated model at $3 200.

The apparent niche device should feature components which allow a variety of audio formats.

The device does come with a back up memory card slot which should accommodate those larger music files.

The $1600 model comes with 128GB storage with the gold plated player with a 256 GB storage.

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