Quality tag team: Sony MDR-MV1 super headphones and Sony C-80 microphone 

In meeting, today’s creative and production-ready equipment standards, Sony announces headphones tailored for sound engineers, music creators and all-round music fanatics.

The tech corporation seems ready to deliver in 2023 as the MDR-MV1 headphones are not the only thing coming from Sony.

A new microphone for home studios known as the C-80, a uni-directional condenser microphone, ideal for voice recording, instrumental recording, vlogging, webcasting and podcasting is making its debut mid-May following a unique lineup of heritage from Sony’s C-800G and popular C-100.

Suitable for mixing and mastering, the MDR-MV1 are a series of headphones from Sony with competitive hi-resolution quality.

Perfect for a home studio or professional studio these MDR-MV1 reflect some of Sony’s crisp sound quality heritage to cater durability as well as the ability to reproduce sound the way it’s supposed to be heard.

“We are seeing a demand for immersive headphones aligned with the rise in spatial sound and high-quality streaming music services in the Middle East and Africa region,” says Jobin Joejoe, Deputy Managing Director, Sony MEA.

He says the new headphones provide comfort, long-term durability and the ability to accurately reproduce sounds, so users can listen as the artist intended them to be heard.

The MDR-MV1 come in high resolution nuanced sound with a wide frequency range.

The headphones provide a seamless way to stream, listen create quality music in the manner intended.

The MDR-MV1 include a detachable cable with machined aluminum connectors and a stereo mini-jack adapter for ease of use in a professional setup.

According to Sony the MDR-MV1 will be in the middle east and Africa mid-May 2023 alongside the C-80 microphone.


From a fleet of almost similar predecessors comes the C-80 microphone perfect for the beginner and expert music composer.

Its reported to come with a rich mid-range which provides clear vocal sound which stands out even when mixed with other instruments.

Think realistic sound production, since that was Sony’s thinking behind the C-80.

Apparently the C-80 microphone inherits the C-800G’s essence in using a microphone capsule from the C-100 microphone and a two part metallic anti vibrational body structure used in the C-800G.

Noise elimination

The C80 prevents microphone body acoustic vibration, which means low background noise and clear sound.

Producers are more likely to get more quality sound without the instability when recording voices.

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