EcoFlow River 2: Take control of your power

Global energy solution EcoFlow recently launched its first showroom in Africa located at the Canal Walk Shopping Centre in Cape Town on July 22.

The showroom showcases some of EcoFlows’ ecosystem of devices including the entry-level EcoFlow RIVER 2.

The brand is growing at a rapid rate across the country due to recurring power outages which seem less likely to end.

EcoFlow RIVER 2

The EcoFow RIVER 2 is an entry-level power kit, and that line simply tells consumers to manage their expectations.

It forms part of EcoFlow’s larger eco-system of devices but delivers smart battery power solution for those on the move as well as unplanned outages.

The brand has two product lines of portable power stations divided into the DELTA and RIVER series.

The RIVER series is targeted at smaller in size portable units while the DELTA accommodates larger less portable units.

The RIVER 2 is EcoFlow’s latest entry-level answer to load shedding, with industry-leading charging speed to help you prepare for those unpredictable power outages.

Equipped with a LiFeO4 lithium battery which allows for much more battery power and up to ten years of daily use, the RIVER 2 range comes with 256Wh and 300W output with Bluetooth connectivity to pair the power supply to smartphone devices.

Weighing only 3.5 kg, the RIVER 2 is compact enough to travel with while working.

The look

The RIVER 2 comes in grey and black like most of EcoFlow’s flagship devices.

Four rubber pads under the device keep it steady on any surface.

An AC and XT60 connector charging inputs are cleverly placed on the back next to the cooling vent which is neatly tucked under the RIVER 2’s handle.  The idea for the handle just over the cooling vent allows the power supply to have enough room for ventilation when placed against a wall. We thought this was a clever design.


Looking at the RIVER 2, users have an array of outputs and inputs with a status bar on the front.

The display allows users to monitor power remaining alongside a neat EcoFlow app, easily downloadable on both Android and iOS.

The app allows easy customization and control of the RIVER 2, which we think is an added bonus for users.

Using the app takes away the need for a massive display screen on the power supply, and allows users to maintain added control of the device from any room.

The app is a crucial bonus that allows users access to performance and configuration while keeping the size of the RIVER 2 at a portable size level.

EcoFlow has increased their warranty to around five years for the RIVER 2 lineup as opposed to what we remember as a two to three-year warranty.

Output ports

AC output

Car power output

USB-A x2 (12W max)

USB-C (60W max)

Input port

AC input 220 – 240V @50Hz/60Hz, 8A Max

Car input: 12V/24V 8A, 100W Max

Solar input: 12V/24V @100W Max


Charging can happen in multiple ways which we found convenient. Charge in the input at the back or use a Type-C input on the front.

Use the XT60 connector for charging using your car or a solar panel.

Charging from AC takes merely an hour, 5x faster than the industry average.


The display features charging time or estimated runtime, the battery level, and various other input and output connections. The display also shows any firmware updates in progress.

Capacity: 256Wh

Dimensions: 245x214x142mm


80% capacity after 3000 cycles

Using the portable power solution is easy, straight from the box. We do recommend users familiarize themselves with power consumption in order to seamlessly know which devices the supply can carry compared to devices that it can’t.

The RIVER 2 remains competitively durable, designed with thought, and provides a device that users can build on when considering the list of other portable power solutions available from EcoFlow.


The fact that users can control two or more EcoFlow devices using one app is an added bonus which we think puts the brand on the upward trajectory of solutions when looking for a plan against load shedding.

It’s usually silent with bursts of palatable humming when overloaded with two to three devices in one go.

The design could improve, the color could also improve but as for function.

It’s a solid thumbs up on efficiency but a frown on price considering users could get the same size capacity portable power solution at a far lesser price. When you think long term investment, it’s a far better deal, when considering quality for a decade.

EcoFlow RIVER 2 is now on sale for a limited time at R5999, with R1000 off on EcoFlow’s official website.

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