Samsung Galaxy Unpacked: Samsung goes old school on Galaxy Watch 6

In a retro-themed launch of their Galaxy fleet of devices, Samsung took it back to the old-school days of TDK cassettes, Y-FM stickers on stop signs and the days were closing a flip device meant you were really ending the call in dramatic fashion.

Samsung introduced an array of next-generation devices such as the Galaxy Watch 6, Galaxy Z Flip 5, the Galaxy Z Fold 5, and the Galaxy tab S9.

During the compelling showcase, Samsung said they were bringing back the rotating bezel to the Samsung Classic watch as they announced their latest Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic at Unpacked on Wednesday.


While both retail at $299.99 and $399.99 respectively, it was interesting to look at their features to see if there was a shift forward or just a facelift.

We’re big fans of the rotating bezel on the Watch 6 classic, we think it makes sense not to mention how functional it is.

Fast track from 2019, the Samsung bezel has migrated towards Samsung’s premium watch models, and when we look at why we spot longevity including durability somewhere in there as a reason.

So both the Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic bring a slightly bigger screen due to the reduced bezel size around the screen.


Pressing a toggling through the demo version seemed impressive.  I got a sense of an updated series of watches ready to impress, but I’m sure we all know that everyday use tends to provide a real sense of reliability for most devices.

We read the watches come with a 1.4GHz Exynos W930 chip, 2GB RAM and 16 GB storage but may still run on the predecessor’s GPS version, some sensors, and some biosensors.

Bigger screen

The watches are leaner since the border around the display has been tweaked, which translates to a clear bigger screen to look at.

Samsung went for bigger batteries compared to the Watch 5 lineup, with a 410mAh update at a quick charge of eight hours in just eight minutes. The devices are said to consume even lessor battery than their predecessors.

This is impressive, on paper, but we still need to put them to the test.

Launches are pretty ambitious, and we’ve come to accept that.

So the Watch 6 comes in 40mm and 44mm sizes while the classic stays slightly larger at 43mm and 47mm.

Aluminum finish for the Watch 6 and a classic stainless steel finish for the Galaxy Watch 6 classic with colourful themed displays for both options.

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