Hobot Legee D8 robotic vacuum cleaner unveiled

Hobot Legee D8 smart vacuum cleaner.

The reality of robotic vacuum cleaners is here and Solenco has announced its latest vacuum cleaner the Legee D8 and its 4-in-1 cleaning station the Legee Lulu.

Smart home cleaning

Redefining cleaning standards with another level of efficient convenience comes the Legee D8 with eight cleaning modes to tackle stains, hair, and lint through its patented tangle suction and lower suction cleaning on the eco mode setting.

The Hobot Legee D8 is smart enough to recognize the flooring material in order to switch cleaning modes.  Moving effortlessly from hard floors to carpet automatically, makes this latest contender an automatic must-have.

The Legee D8 alongside the 4-in-1 cleaning station are designed to synergetically provide comforting cleaning results.

Easy to control and app-managed the Hobot Legee D8 will map, navigate and clean your home, combining a series of cleaning modes to mop, spray and sweep through your home in smart robotic vacuum cleaner frequency.

Talking robot

Added, is voice technology to the Hobot Legee D8 as users can make the robotic vacuum cleaner talk like an actual person.

Trevor Brewer, Director at Solenco, emphasizes the goal, which is to make smart home cleaning for busy South Africans, effortless and as energy efficient as possible.

“These two products are a testament to that commitment.”

“We believe the LEGEE D8 and LEGEE-Lulu 4-in-1 Cleaning Station will provide the hands-free, contactless experience that South Africans are looking for, to transform the way they clean their homes, and ultimately save them time,” he says.

Hobot Legee D8 smart vacuum cleaner.

The Hobot Legee D8 is now available at a price of R 11 499, with the Hobot Legee cleaning station at R 6 499 from Solenco.co.za

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Marcus Gopolang Moloko


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