Lenovo Tab P11 Pro Gen 2, precision meets price

Late last year Lenovo introduced the solidly meticulous Lenovo Tab P11 Pro.


We look at Lenovo’s smart tablet, the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro with Precision Pen. It’s definitely a streamers dream. @Lenovo @Lenovo Legion #lenovotabp11pro #lenovotabp11pro @TheeBoardmember |Marcus Moloko #Tech #tablet

♬ Asian taste trap(971188) – stst-Bonz

It definitely looks appealing and more premium when unboxed, and this Lenovo series tablet brings forward a crystal clear screen and a speaker duo ready to entertain.

Opening the box you will find a precision pen, the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro, a type-C cable, and an adapter to power the P11 Pro Gen 2.

The tablet is impressive considering its predecessor but the rear and selfie camera did come slightly under our expectations with a single 13 MP rear camera.

An 8MP selfie camera on the front is a slight upgrade from the 5MP predecessors.  So it’s clear to note that when looking at tablet camera users must really manage their expectations.

Comparing a tablet camera to regular smartphones is a solid recipe for disaster. You will be disappointed and the lesson somehow how does escape our memory at times.


The Lenovo P11 Pro features a noticeably large 11.2-inch OLED display with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,536 pixels.  The massive screen with a 120Hz refresh rate brings a crystal clear display, perfect for streaming shows and playing games.

We were impressed by the very thin bezels, which contributed perfectly to the screen-to-body ratio.


Looking at the color, our test device is a two-toned storm grey with touches of silver on the Lenovo logo run by an Android 12 operating system.

It’s pretty heavy at under a kilogram (0.4763kg) but compensates really well with a cute selfie camera tucked neatly at the center of the tablets front.

Precision Pen 3

The added benefit is the Precisi0n pen which does not require pairing. Both the tablet and pen were paired straight from the box when we tested the pend for the first time.

For charging the pen users can place the pen on an oval mark at the back of the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro for charging.

We did notice a propensity to attract fingerprints both on the back and on the front and wondered if Lenovo would work on this going forward. The design definitely says efficiency, but that could be shadowed by the number of fingerprints I had on the tablet when I started jotting a few notes using the precision Pen 3.


The Lenovo Tab P11 Pro does come with both facial and fingerprint scanners for security, unlike its predecessor. The is a noticeable connector for a keyboard at the bottom of the tablet and a USB-C port next to the speakers.

This is a decent Android tablet ready to tackle everyday duties.

Yes, it comes with a slightly weak camera which takes okay images with good lighting but the little tablet is great looking, provides an LCD screen streaming quality of up to 4K resolution, and packs decent power to get you through a normal work day.


The @Lenovo Tab P11 Pro is a streamers wish. #lenovotabp11pro @TheeBoardmember |Marcus Moloko

♬ Asian taste trap(971188) – stst-Bonz

Productivity mode

The Lenovo Tab P11 Pro comes with a precision pen and a productivity mode which switches the tablet into a work-ready PC. You will need a keyboard and display screen to use the tablet as a presentation wizard since the precision pen does work as a pointer when set.

The Tab P11 Pro is definitely better when factoring in the models we’ve looked at, and we liked that the box came with an added precision Pen 3 extra pointer in case of emergency.

There’s no headphone jack but there are speakers on both sides of the tablet that are arguably decent for a tablet.


The tablet has an improved Bluetooth version of 5.1 from a solid 5.0. The battery comes in at 8000mAh slightly adequate for streaming YouTube, Netflix, or any other show.

Charging speed could improve as a charge did take more than 2 hours to get to 100%.

The Lenovo Tab P11 Pro does cater something for everyone.  From battery, clear display quality, and brightness, to adequately placed speakers ready to tackle some competitors, the tablet definitely does come with enough potential to raise a few eyebrows as users get pleasantly impressed at the ease of function straight from the box.

Price does range from R 7 999, a competitive price which could gain favour for the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro as a better option on price alone.

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