Five things we like about this new Huawei watch GT 4

Huawei watch GT 4

Huawei has introduced an updated watch series that is both compelling and attractive known as the Huawei watch GT 4 series.

The series comes with some eco-friendly thinking behind the design of the male version, has us convinced that this new contender brings much more than just a smartwatch.

The Huawei Watch GT4 is available for pre-order confirms Huawei and promises a list of upgraded health and fitness features ready to prove a point.

Quick access to music playback feature

First on the list of likes for the device is the quick access to the music playback feature.

From our quick toggle with the watch, we picked up a simple and efficient way to access music playback. A simple swipe to the right and there you are with the music playback menu ready for users to click play.

The digital crown

We remember massive hype around the digital crown in 2014 and how it was Apple who reintroduced what the crown could be used for digitally.

The crown’s whole goal was to use the physical input mechanism on the side of the watch in order to be able to perform various functions.

Fast forward to 2023 and the digital crown has been streamlined and not only looks better but brings with it added convenient digital function.

Not only does Huawei’s latest Watch GT 4 provide scrolling using the digital crown. It can be used to scroll through messages and other content on the watch’s screen.

Zooming in on the various applications, the crown is especially useful for gaining an extra edge especially when controlling simple features such as the volume of a music track.

The crown also acts as a button to select options and we find this addition to the Watch GT 4 just a breath of fresh air.

Huawei watch GT 4 exhibition.

Wireless charging 

Using a phone to charge a device is almost impossible when we think of how far devices have come.  Today, this 46mm and 41mm watches from Huawei are able to be charged using a Huawei smartphone which allows wireless charging.

Although the charge will not be as fast, users can get about ten percent out of a smartphone, if the users was having dinner at a restaurant when the watch’s battery ran flat.

Battery life

The battery is astounding.

The latest watch series does bring some exciting designs but it is the battery to carry everything else that has our attention.

With a unique charm, the Huawei watch series brings forward a watch with a battery life of up to 14 days on the 46mm and up to seven days on the 41mm.

The Watch 4 series introduces an interesting era where smartwatches meet style and function and that for us is a win for both the consumer and the needed technological shift into the future.

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