TCL 65″ C745 QLED gaming TV review, a cinematic giant ready to please

TCL C745 QLED gaming TV.

TCL has just launched its C-Series range of TVs and we are looking at the 65″ model which comes with Netflix, Google apps, Reko, a Game Master2.0 alongside a series of other functional usable features that links to your smartphone.

TCL C745 QLED gaming TV.

What makes it special

This is TCL’s C745 QLED gaming TV that falls part of TCL’s flagship product offering and features your favourite streaming services, such as Netflix, Disney Plus, Prime and YouTube among a few others.

Let’s shoot straight into it.


The design is pretty neat and we mean neat as in meticulously tidy.  There’s no bulge at the back, and a thin design of the 65″ has two L-shaped arms which screw on with two screws.

The TV’s exterior is slim, bezel-less and comes AI-packed with a picture quality processor that captures the detail to reproduce visual output based on the vibrant colour.

The smart gaming TV comes steady with solid rear input channels neatly tucked on the opposite end of the power input right at the back.

The design appears to have been well thought out as you can view content on the full screen from most angles and still feel immersed in the screen.

It’s a pretty intelligent TV with 144 Hz VRR refresh rate, IMAX-enhanced ability, Dolby Atmos sound and allows gaming in Dolby Vision.

Heavy game-ready spec muscle

Cinema-level entertainment perfectly describes this level of a smart TV which comes with HDMI 2.1 low input lag and sparkling colours thanks to the over a billion colours.

It brings over 1000 HDR nits which means more clear detailed colours without a pixelation issue.

This is definitely a gamer’s TV as it harbours an AiPX processor 3.0 that displays a broader range of colours.

The 144 Hz refresh rate means an end to that blur when gaming when the TV cannot process how quickly your game needs it to refresh.

You definitely see sharper hues, especially when the TV is in its display mode with nothing playing.

The story

Let’s up the antics and introduce a different approach to testing this massive colourful TCL offering.

Project a cell phone

We quickly went straight to the project a cellphone feature to see how simple it would be for this massive display TV to carry simple instructions using a smartphone.

We know it delivers features such as outstanding sound quality that can fill a room, but we wanted to do something unconventional so we turned the smart TV into a desktop for our cellphone.

Set up was easy with a few toggles and the TV seemed to be ready to accept the challenge. Once the phone and device were paired it seemed like smooth sailing from there.

The quality of videos from apps such as TikTok is impeccable when displayed of TCL’s C745 screen.

Navigating on your smartphone on the big screen does take some getting used to, but once you figure it out, it should be smooth sailing from there.

Viewers get to see information on their devices in crystal clear format thanks to the over 1000 nits.

Make calls

Using Google’s video chat App, it seems you can make one or more calls using the screen. This makes communication with loved ones an added benefit.  TCL claims viewers can send voice or video memos and much more and we just can’t help but airpunch as just how much space this TCL C745 fills a room, both figuratively and literally.

The TV works, but is it really worth it?

FreeSync Premium Pro technology is a word which most viewers need to acquaint themselves with. This feature puts an end to broken frames which is a massive breakthrough for PC’s and console gaming.

The TCL 745 has been certified as a distinguished eye protection solution by the TUV Rheinland which means goodbye to dry eyes and eye fatigue when tunnelling through that lengthy first series.

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