Which is better games or a series?

TCL C745 QLED gaming TV.

The gaming and TV streaming market has amassed a massive following and showcases the bouts of fun many consumers have with a reliable internet connection, but which one of the two takes the cup?

Pressing play your way

According to one of South Africa’s fiber providers, Vuma, the battle between the two is ongoing and 2023 solidifies that both gamers and streamers spend hours binge-watching a series or competing at any level game-wise.

Watching a series

The series market gained favourable market share during the Covid19 pandemic and has since solidified itself as the go-to form of entertainment that most viewers appear to prefer.

According to Vuma, several series options such as Shaka iLembe, the latest season of Love is Blind and the Succession season finale have the power to influence pop culture, and indicate that by 2026 there will be more than 15 million streaming service users on the African continent.

What makes streaming interesting?

The streaming market remains a storytelling platform that is both fun, and educational, while at times showcasing how creative writers can be.


In May this year, the latest edition of Legend of Zelda game series sold 10 million copies in three days Vuma states.

This translates to gaming being one of the biggest entertainment industries in the world.

Why the fuss?

Gaming puts users in the driver’s seat, while equally testing their reflexes and lets users compete against friends and family.  The interactive adventure has users problem-solving constantly which in-tern sharpens cognitive brain functioning.

Sharp problem-solving skills are the benefit.

The only requirement is reliable internet and gamers get a portal into a gamers’ universe where they are able to spend hours immersed in gamer ville.

Which is better?

While both gaming and streaming require a solid internet connection, deciding on which is better all depends on the user.

Both streaming and gaming provide an array of entertainment options that users can feast on, and all that’s needed is reliable connection speed.

Vuma notes that both markets have shown massive growth in the past and continue to increase their dominance.

Both series and gaming have assisted in reshaping popular culture while also positively contributing to society and when added with a solid network connection their limits can only be imagined.

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