Here’s an alternative for serious gamers

Clear Access and Vuma partner to bring Quark, a fibre package designed for gamers that offers unprecedented connectivity speeds.

Here’s an alternative for those of us who appreciate speed, in some areas, and technique in others, as Clear Access in association with rAge Expro to bring gamers the next level in fibre broadband experience in the form of Quark.

Named for its high-speed connectivity capabilities, Quark, promises zero latency and low contention.

What does this mean?

Think of gaming on a lightning-fast and reliable fibre connection, no matter the time of day. Yes, say goodbye to those peak hour small network micro issues, as Clear Access and Vuma partner to bring forward, Quark, a fibre package designed for gamers.

It’s basically incredibly fast connectivity speeds, and zero lag, which automatically translates to an astounding gaming experience.

Vuma partners with Clear access

Fibre provider Vuma and internet service provider Clear Acess have partnered to design what they believe to be the next-level fibre broadband experience for gamers.

Quark, “basically, enables users to stream and game on a lightning-fast and reliable fibre connection, no matter the time of day or where they are in the world. This is a game changer for serious players in the country, being the first product of its kind aimed specifically at elevating the gaming experience through an incredibly resilient network,” according to Rob Nelson, Marketing Manager at Clear Access.

With three high-speed packages, Quark at 100Mbps, Duo Quark at 200 Mbps and Penta Quark at 500 Mbps, these connections are a result of enhanced routing on the fibre network through Clear Access.

Gaming requires quick response and significantly high speed and stable internet connections in order to allow the gamer to have an added edge as they climb the ranks.

Servers for most of the popular online games South Africans love, such as Apex: Legends, League of Legends, and Call of Duty Warzone 2.0, which require lightning-quick responses, are located in Europe. Local servers for these games are few and far between, but South African gamers have long complained of the lag experienced at all hours of the day due to network latency.

“A quark system will find the quickest way to connect a gamer or user to a server. Because of this, Quark users experience absolutely no lag on the network and incredibly fast ping rates – the only lag is the time it takes light to travel. Nelson adds “for South African gamers who are serious about ranking up and making their mark internationally, or even those who want an enhanced, lag and contention-free gaming experience, Quark is going to level the playing fields.”

The history 

Quark made its debut last year at the rAge expo. Gamers gained access to fast connection speeds and interruption-free connections.

“Our partnership with Clear Access also positively impacts the functionality of the main event halls by providing exhibitors with quick and reliable internet connectivity, which is essential for the success of the whole event,” says Michael James, rAge event owner.

What to expect this year at Rage Expo

This year, more than 600 NAG LAN gamers are expected to attend the upcoming rAge Expo, taking place from 8-10 December 2023 at Gallagher Estate, in Midrand.

Clear Access will also have a booth where gamers fed up with their current fibre packages can find out if they are eligible and sign up for a Quark, as well as test ping rates for their favourite games to see how a Quark will fair where they live.

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