How to break a phone, Honor’s smart secret test for the Honor X9b 5G

In a meet-up titled The Beyond Limits Experience, Honor will confidently put its latest Honor X9b 5G’s screen to the test.

While some brands secretly test their devices behind closed doors, Honor said why not, and decided to bring a few select experts to test the Honor X9b’s durability.

At a location somewhere in Johannesburg, Honor will have participants try to crack the Honor X9b 5G’s screen during the presentation.

There is a prize for the lone ranger who ultimately will be able to crack the screen but we wonder if the screen will break considering Honor’s promise for its toughness.

What we know

We know there will be winners in the competition, and we know those who manage to defy all norms to place a few cracks in the screen will probably garner more publicity as we all want to know how the individual cracked it.

The second runner-up will walk away with some Honor merchandise.

Is this a good idea?

Either way, you look at it, Honor will likely be in the news. If the screen cracks, we are all likely to criticize Honor more than if the screen remains intact.  The idea here is to probably have the screen crack.  We all love controversy.

Remember when armored glass windows on the Tesla cyber truck cracked during a demonstration?

The fact that the glass broke had us all in a frenzy, and true marketing wizkids understand that there’s really no such thing as bad publicity. While Tesla’s cyber truck’s window cracked, the truck is out, we all know about it and all want to know where to get one.


The story matters and must be impactful

Honor’s taking a risk. What’s life without adequate risks?

The Honor X9b 5G

Honor will unveil a sparkling Honor X9b in orange vegan leather. Honor says it’s a pretty durable device.

Most likely to come in four different colours which include titanium silver, midnight black, my personal favourite emerald green, this incoming series addition will be battery-ready with 5800mAh.

So the device is attractive visually but what’s really special about it?

It can take a knock, as Honor maintains the device’s display is coated with a toughed layer which allows the device to possibly take major knocks, especially on those accidental drops.

It’s peace of mind that this incoming entry into the X9b range provides to the consumer.

What else?

We see a lithium polymer battery, two SIM card slots, and a triple rear camera, with 108MP on the main camera.

This is coupled with a 5MP ultra-wide depth camera plus a 2MP Macro camera.

A 16MP front camera makes this incoming new-bee a rival likely to make an impact especially in the colour black.

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