Open AI launches GPT store, the new marketplace for AI tools

AI tools in the market place. image created by Marcus Moloko #TheBoardmember

Popular AI spearheader OpenAI has announced a GPT store to help users find useful and popular custom versions of ChatGPT.

What does this mean?

It means the artificial intelligence lab has created a store located within the ChatGPT chatbot which allows users to build their own GPTs or AI customizable for tasks such as cocktail making or teaching.

The store will serve as a marketplace for AI tool shopping available to ChatGPT Plus, team user,s and Enterprise users.

The store will have a diverse range of GPTs developed by OpenAI’s partners alongside other community users.

The platform gained popularity for showing incredible growth speed, with chatbots showing the ability to write almost human-like responses. This was an instant hit globally and the platform has not shown any sign of meandering growth.

The GPT store to ride the wave

It means Open AI will now allow users to gain access to a useful and popular array of GPTs.  The store features a diverse range of GPTs on the community leaderboard, with categories like DALL E, programming, and lifestyle.

There will be new featured GPTs every week, to highlight useful and impactful GPTs. These include searching and synthesizing results from 200m academic papers with Consensus, personalized trial recommendations from AllTrails, expanded coding skills with Khan Academy’s Code Tutor, Design presentations or social posts with Canva, and learning math and science anytime with CK-12 Flexi AI tutor. 

Get it yet?

The store which made its debut on Wednesday will allow a child to simply learn math or painting, while chatbots that users create will most likely gain abilities to do a variety of other creative and educational tasks.


OpenAI does have plans to allow users to make money off their creations. Users shopping on the GPT store will be able to see the most popular and trending chatbots and even search for them by category.

The store was expected late in 2023 but was delayed as a result of ongoing uncertainty surrounding Sam Altman.

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