Smart tech at #CES2024, Samsung, Asus, Rabbit and AI show-off

Attendees tested out the recently released Galaxy Book4 series, featuring streamlined processing power and AI-enhanced intelligent features. Image: @Samsung Newsroom

Consumer Electronics Show (CES2024) has exploded in possible tech finds as media, and content creators alongside tech creatives who brought forward sought-after tech, practical tech solutions, and an overall consensus that Artificial Intelligence is here to stay.

We wanted to have a look at some of the most compelling finds at this years CES2024 between Janauary 9, and January 12, 2024.

Here’s what we spotted.

Clicks, a keyboard for the iPhone to boost productivity.

The idea behind this cover with a keyboard is to increase typing speed, maximize user screen space, and possibly use the device for better handling when taking pictures.

Whatever the reason, it seems this Clicks keyboard brings back some nostalgia for some users who at some point had a relationship with a Blackberry device.

Clicks keyboard

Features include: 

  • Add a lightweight keyboard with no battery charger needed.
  • Take action with access to iOS shortcuts.
  • Easy On and Off
  • Maximize space on your screen for apps and content.


R1 / Rabbit – From design firm Teenage Engineering 

Rabbit R1

AI is gaining momentum and this cellphone supplement in the form of Rabbit, an AI-powered gadget named R1, that you can use on most of your apps has caused quite a stir, due to an alarming number of preorders.

This device is powered by a large action model chatbot to capture your voice in detail to execute tasks.

Orders are retailing at $199 for a device its CEO and founder Jesse Lyu says has no intention to replace smartphones.

He calls the gadget R1, which really is a stand-alone gadget with a 2.88-inch touch screen and a rotating camera for taking photos and videos.  It includes a scroll wheel and button to talk to the devices built-in assistant.

This little Rabbit or R1 from design firm Teenage Engineering comes with 128GB of storage, a 2.3 GHz MediaTek processor, “all day battery”  and 4GB of memory.

We saw Asus bringing forward a foldable external OLED display.

Hyundai Motor Group introduced a hydrogen energy solution guided by software solutions that go way beyond traditional mobility limits.

Samsung concepts 

Samsung introduced a couple of focus key points in the form of a 360 flexible hinge, and foldable phones which also slid open too. Think of a Samsung Galaxy Flip which flexes 360 degrees.

Laptops with detachable keyboards. Samsung displayed a key focus on the possibility of a flexible device for the user. This was coupled with Samsung showcasing its eco-conscious efforts at sustainability.

Showcasing its latest galaxy products which include the Galaxy Book 4 series, with compelling AI prowess, the Galaxy Book 4 series is equipped with an Intel Core Ultra Processor and offers interesting processing power made possible by a newly added Neural Processing Unit.

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