Oppo introduces ColorOS14, the Android shift forward

Oppo Reno 10 5G

China device manufacturer Oppo announces the launch of the latest Android operating system based on Android 14, called ColorOS 14.

This is the latest operating system based on Android 14 and will allow users to enjoy faster performance and features designed to elevate user experience.

We can expect an optimized aquamorphic design, AI-driven enhancements, and comprehensive performance upgrades.

ColourOS 14 is available for various Oppo devices such as the OPPO Find N3 Flip, OPPO A 57s, Oppo A57, Reno8 Pro 5G, Reno10Pro+ and the Reno105G.

What can we expect?

Users can expect a tweaked user interface featuring an evolved Aquamorphic design. There are new sound effects, colour schemes, and different interactions.

Aquamorphic design is the latest coined name of a concept from Oppo’s newly launched operating system ColorOS 13.

The design focuses on the blend of water to innovation, adaptability, and the overall simplicity.

This is a theme in essence, for the ColorOS 14 which brings forward a few changes in wallpaper customizations, a few new emoji expressions as wallpapers, and reactive wallpaper emojis.

We also can expect an AI-generation wallpaper function allowing users to enjoy AI-generated wallpapers that align to user preferences.

Oppo says the latest operating system ColorOS 14 allows the aquamorphic coloring system to intelligently adapt colours based on screen content, time, and device status.

Users can expect a more intuitive user interface experience.

There is also smart touch, an AI feature, smart image matting, allowing users to crop subjects from images or paused videos, edit them, and share or personalize wallpapers and posters.

ColourOS 14, bring forward optimized performance, and efficiency in managed resources such as ROM and RAM vitalization.

This will likely translate to a more balanced performance and even power consumption.

We also see privacy tweaks from Oppo. ColourOS 14 integrates Android 14 privacy capabilities, which is to safeguard personal photos and videos from app misuse.

Head of Marketing at OPPO South Africa, Avashnee Moodley says the operating system reaffirms Oppo’s commitment to delivering cutting edge user experiences.

“The availability of these upgrades for a range of devices showcases our dedication to enhancing smartphone capabilities continuously. OPPO users can anticipate enjoying these innovative features and improvements, maximizing their device’s potential.”

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