Foldable iPhone, the iPhone Flip? We look at possible plans


The iPhone Flip, is a name that’s making the rounds as more speculation circulates in techville as many begin questioning the possibility of a foldable iPhone.

There are patents for a foldable but no release date or confirmed plot. However, that hasn’t stopped several users from noting how an iPhone flip would be the perfect answer to an Android-filled series of foldable options ranging from the Galaxy Z Fold 5 to the Motorola Razr Plus.

It seems Apple is putting all its current efforts into the AR/VR headset the Apple Vision Pro introduced this year, with no real nod for a foldable.

A flip from Apple would challenge the Android list of foldables while providing an option on the table for Apple ecosystem fans.

The rumor is that Apple is looking at a flip option in two models with substantial developments only expected post-2025.

The idea is to have a very sleek, thin, flip device with a possible outside screen for device notifications. The idea for an Apple foldable is solidified by registered patents for foldable tech from the Apple camp.

These have been lingering for quite some time now, but it seems Apple remains tight-lipped on any development related to an Apple Flip.

Two possible prototypes may make their way to the market should Apple implement project flip. We saw the iPhone 15 make an appearance last year in a titanium finish, with dynamic island. It would be interesting to know what comes next for Apple.

Maybe Apple will focus on software following Samsung’s example for the Galaxy Ss24 ultra series, but whatever the plan is, an Apple flip does sound like a solid plan with a touch of nostalgia.

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