Huawei introduces smart energy storage equipment to SA

Huawei Residential Smart PV & ESS Solutions: Power-M and Luna2.0

Global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider Huawei introduced an array of smart PV products and solutions for residential scenarios.

Think smart battery power for the home or office of the future.

Huawei introduced smart energy storage equipment to the South African market during a presentation at the Solar and Storage Live Africa conference.

Vice President of Huawei Eastern-Africa Digital Power Nick Lusson during his presentation highlighted some of the unique feature benefits that came with the smart energy storage equipment.

Huawei Luna2000-200KWH ESS

“Huawei’s PV+ESS system is designed with safety and reliability at its core, ensuring more energy and simpler operation and maintenance. Its systematic design, meanwhile, not only ensures that better product adaptation can be achieved but also more monitoring and management functions can be completed,” says Lusson.

“Huawei’s energy storage equipment has completed reliability testing, which was conducted over eight months, for high-quality battery cell selection”

He pointed out how independently controlling the battery unit made it possible to increase the ESS overall capacity by more than five percent, to ensure higher investment returns.

Through the use of a cloud management system, ESS can achieve automatic SOC calibration, cell level monitoring, and remote fault location functions through a control interface.

At the conference, the Huawei smart PV C&I launched 150KW string inverters, SUN5000/2000-150K MGO, a product with six major features, meaning more power generation, active safety, long-term reliability, minimal operation and maintenance, efficient website construction, and overall industry friendliness.


Huawei SUN5000/2000-150K

This inverter has a maximum efficiency of 98.8%, a built-in PID repair solution, proven to increase power generation, and component optimization.

The 150k inverter comes with industry-first safety features in the form of string disconnection protection which can disconnect DC power inflows in milliseconds when the inverter fails.

Gropund protection cuts off ground faults which will reduce the chances of inverter failure by more than 75%.

A terminal temperature detection scheme that detects AC and DC terminal temperatures and shuts down in case of overheating, reducing the chances of inverter failure due to damage and burning of the DC terminals.

Huawei spoke about reliability from concept planning, and development verification to release.

Huawei’s all-scenario smart PV and ESS solutions include the Power M and Luna 2.0.

Huawei Residential Smart PV & ESS Solutions: Power-M and Luna2.0

“Power-M is a mainstream PV and energy storage solution,” said Lusson.

“It uses an all-in-one modular design and supports flexible capacity expansion and simplified installation. The typical configuration is 5 kW inverter +10 kWh battery and up to three units can be connected in parallel to cater for higher energy demands.”

This is a more premium solution with increased performance.

The S1 model is a new residential energy storage product with a single battery module of 6.9kWh, with larger capacity, longer life, and increased safety.

It’s designed to be as aesthetically appealing as it is practical.

Huawei designed it so that it feels less like something that supplies industrial power and more like an energy-producing work of art.

“The system is also incredibly secure, particularly from a fire safety perspective,” said Lusson. “

“As solar PV becomes increasingly popular around the world, it’s becoming clear that poorly designed and installed solar PV products come with the risk of fire. Luna 2.0 is built with numerous safety features aimed at significantly reducing the risk of both above-roof and below-roof fires.”

These inverters support fault interrupters and rapid shutdown ability while supporting a five-level safety protection measure while built with significant intelligence capabilities.

“Luna 2.0 is a one-stop solution that is extremely reliable and easy to install, with a 10-year full
replacement warranty,” Lusson concluded.

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