How Samsung’s Galaxy Buds will optimize Galaxy AI to better real-time translations

samsung galaxy buds

Samsung recently introduced the Galaxy S24 series which meant new possibilities to connect cultures with the industry barrier-shattering power of Galaxy AI.

The introduction of Galaxy AI meant you could break down language barriers thanks to the onboard AI on the Galaxy S24 series.

Samsung now introduces a range of hands-free AI-powered features in the form of the Galaxy Buds series updates, which connect to the Samsung ecosystem.

Connect to the Galaxy S24 series, the Galaxy Tab series, the Samsung TV’s, and more, as the latest Galaxy Buds series updates promise to place the user in the center of crystal clear sound.

Since the latest Galaxy S24 allows users to have access to real-time translation features, the Galaxy Buds allow this feature to only get better using the buds.

Thanks to Samsung’s AI interpreter, which provides real-time translation to the Galaxy S24 series, the Galaxy Buds further optimize the feature by separating sound during conversation.

Users will be able to listen to translations through your Galaxy Buds while the other person hears through your phone’s speakers, helping you to focus on the conversation.

This eliminates the need to pass your device back and forth.

You can also swap the order of speech during the conversation by tapping on the buds without having to manually adjust the order of your phone.

The Galaxy Buds also connect users to an array of Samsung devices.

Last year, Samsung introduced the Auracast for Samsung Smat TVs on the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro which turns your TV into a shared radio station that can be broadcast across multiple Buds.

The series updates allow users to a world of possibility. Say you’re watching your Samsung TV with your Galaxy Buds and receive a call.

An Auto switch feature allows the Buds to automatically shift the connection to the Galaxy device only to switch audo back when call is complete.

Samsung says the software updates to complement the latest Galaxy AI software, will be made progressively available on the Galaxy Buds2 Pro, Buds 2, and Buds FE.

All these updates will be made in an effort to enhance the Galaxy Buds series to deliver better audio coupled with convenience.

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