Kaspersky makes a statement with 94% lead in comparative tests

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Global cybersecurity and digital privacy company Kaspersky stepped up and here’s how they did it.

Kaspersky products have held the leading position in the top 3 metric after Kaspersky participated in 100 independent tests and reviews, with its products being awarded 93 firsts and 94 top 3 finishes.

The system has achieved a notable result which reflects a vendor’s success in the independent comparative tests this year.

This means the quality and effectiveness can be tracked through an approach based on an aggregation of results from respected testing laboratories such as AV-comparatives, SE Labs, AV-Test which provide a comprehensive evaluation.

One of Kaspersky’s achievements is winning the Product of the Year Award from an independent testing institute AV-comparatives.

Kaspersky Plus for Windows passed SE Labs Endpoint Security Home 2023 bagging the highest total accuracy rating of 100 percent in all four tests of the year.

Kaspersky Safe Kids received AV-Comparatives Parental Control Certification for blocking at least 98 percent of pornographic websites with zero false positives on child-friendly websites.

The vendor also received seven best 2023 annual awards from AV Test which were Kaspersky Plus as Best MacOS Security 2023 for consumer users.

Kaspersky Standard, Kaspersky Endpoint Security, and Kaspersky Small Office Security won the Advanced Threat Protection 2023 award.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security and Kaspersky Small Office Security received the Best Usability 2023 award for the lowest false positive rates over the course of a test year.

Kaspersky Standard, Kaspersky Endpoint Security and Kaspersky Small Office Security received the highest score with six points in all categories which included protection, performance, and usability.

The top product award is based on the AV-test results for Windows antivirus software for home and business users.

The testing process included two defense scenarios with challenging solutions against real-world and common threats, five performance measurement scenarios, and assessments for false positives.

“Participation in a wide array of tests throughout the year doesn’t only showcase our commitment to excellence but it also reinforces our confidence that we are meeting the modern requirements of users and businesses alike,” said Alexander Liskin, Head of Threat Research at Kaspersky.

“By consistently receiving top ratings and awards from a variety of independent assessments, we reaffirm our dedication to providing comprehensive protection. This steadfast focus ensures that we are not just meeting but exceeding the expectations for cybersecurity in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.”

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