We look at Oppo’s ecosystem, a yes or no?

Oppo is in the lineup to compete and this time in the form of its incoming ecosystem.

With cutting-edge tech, design, and an attempt to enhance lives, Oppo brings a range of products in the form of smartphones, wearables, headphones, and tables inter-connected to provide users with an integrated experience.

Oppo announces its focus on the Internet of Things (ioT) ecosystem with its products for 2024.

The South African market will see an interconnected network of physical devices that can collect and exchange data, enabling smart and automated user experiences.

Part of the launch brings in smart devices which include headphones, tablets and wearables all enriching Oppo’s commitment to artificial intelligence.

We can expect the anticipated WAtch X, powered by Google Wear OS featuring sapphire Glass, a 12-day battery life including SuperVooc charging.

Integrating AI with IoT paves the way for linked devices capable of learning and adapting to users’ habits and preferences, providing a truly personalized experience.

AI has long been a core area of investment and development for OPPO, and the company is now
taking a number of steps to elevate AI to the core of its long-term growth strategy.

On February 20, Oppo established the Oppo AI Centre — a new hub designed better to focus the company’s resources towards R and D in AI and drive cutting-edge, user-centric exploration of technology and applications that aim to bring the benefits of AI to everyone.

With this focus on AI, OPPO wants to take its global innovation and vision to various markets, including South Africa.

Oppo plans to introduce an array of smart devices with the focus firmly planted on AI to take its innovations and vision to various markets which include Africa.

Liam Faurie, head of Go to Market at Oppo South Africa says South Africa is a vibrant market with an appetite for technological advancement and innovation.

“Our IoT ecosystem is tailored to meet the unique needs of this market, providing cutting-edge technology that enhances the lives of consumers.”

The Oppo Watch X retails from R5 999

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