Unboxing | We look at what’s inside the Huawei Nova 12i box

Huawei unveiled the Nova series lineup at the end of March 2024 in the form of a Huawei Nova 12i, the Huawei Nova 12 SE, and the Huawei Nova 12s.

The Huawei Nova 12i is what we had the chance to poke and prod. In this edition, we look at what’s inside the box of the Huawei Nova 12i.

Huawei has a solid message when it comes to the Nova series. Follow tradition and stick to what works, nothing more. We remember the introduction of the Huawei Nova series around 2016, with Huawei introducing a device lineup option for those who may have a lighter budget.

The message for the Nova series was simple back then, a device that would be the alternative for those who could not reach Huawei’s flagship level. Before your ego gets dented, understand that we all shop for a device for a myriad of reasons, some factor in price, some a status symbol, while we focus more on a well-rounded device that ticks most of our boxes.

Inside the box.

  • 256 GB RAM dual sim smartphone
  • A Huawei Nova 12i smartphone
  • Sim pin
  • Silicon transparent case
  • An adapter.  Huawei supercharge 40W
  • Type C charging cable

Unboxing | HUAWEI introduces the Huawei Nova 12i

♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) – Danilo Stankovic

A shimmering rear cover with emerald green is meant to symbolize inspiration from the aurora borealis. 

Bottom of phone

A speaker and SIM insert slot for a dual SIM card can be found on the bottom of the phone.


The standby button and fingerprint scanner can be found on the right side, right under the volume up and down dial which follows Huawei’s traditional design for most of its devices.

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