Samsung Galaxy Unpacked introduces Galaxy Flip 6, Fold 6, Watch Ultra and buds

Samsung has unveiled some of its latest devices which include the Samsung Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6, the Galaxy Watch Ultra, Galaxy Watch 7, Galaxy Buds 3 Pro, and Buds 3.

While Samsung maintains that the new array of its devices are competent, and provides versatile and flexible devices that optimize the power of Galaxy AI, it was this last note that caught our attention.

Samsung does again introduce some compelling AI features that make the fleet of devices come to life.

Circle to search feature

We see the circle-to-search feature, a popular feature in the latest Galaxy S24 series make a comeback to land in the latest Z Fold and Flip series.

Interpretation/Interpretor mode

Samsung brings in interpretation mode which allows users to have a conversation in different languages.

Chat Assist

A generative artificial intelligence chat section that allows users to create long text messages, draft essays, and gain easier functionality.

AI drawing 

Sketch anything and it will generate it.

Galaxy Fold 6

The Galaxy Fold 6 boasts a color refresh with Silver Shadow, Pink, and Navy options.

While unfolded, it gains a slight increase in width but sheds some height, making it feel more compact. In its folded state, it’s a tad wider but also lighter by 14 grams, improving handling.

The unfolded display stretches to a roomy 7.6 inches, while the outer 6.3-inch screen benefits from tougher Victus 2 glass.

Durability is further enhanced by a new Armour Aluminium frame. Under the hood, a custom Galaxy Edition Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor promises top-notch performance, and a larger vapor chamber ensures the phone stays cool even during demanding tasks.

Galaxy Flip 6

Samsung’s Galaxy Flip 6 represents a more substantial upgrade compared to its predecessor.

Offered in a wider range of colors including Blue, Yellow, Silver Shadow, and Mint, it retains much of the internal hardware from previous models.

Notably, Samsung has incorporated a vapor chamber cooling system for the first time in the Flip lineup, likely in response to the increased processing power.

The battery capacity has also been bumped up to 4,000mAh to address potential longevity concerns. While the screen sizes remain unchanged, the functionality of the 3.4-inch outer display has been improved, details of which will be addressed subsequently.

The most significant change lies in the camera department. The 12-megapixel main sensor has been replaced with a larger, 50-megapixel unit, significantly enhancing the Flip 6’s photographic capabilities.

This upgrade, coupled with the introduction of new on-device AI features, may further justify the implementation of the cooling chamber.

Samsung says there’s a lesser crease, but a solid review should test this note to set the record straight.

Samsung brings in Galaxy AI as it makes a few features so much easier to navigate through. Whether it’s directing you through information or directing you through traffic, these latest additions are likely to edge Samsung ahead of the curve on AI alone and that’s something to go rant and rave about, especially in this competitive AI market.


Galaxy Fold 6 retails at R 49 999

(512) version at R 43 499

Galaxy Flip 6 retails at R 25 999

Galaxy Watch Ultra retails at R19 999

Galaxy Buds Pro retails at R 4 999

Galaxy Buds 3 retails at R 3 999

Pre-orders available with products landing in South Africa in August.

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