Top 5 must-have Android car apps

Instead of watching other people in traffic having fun on their phones while you listen to the meaningless drab on the radio, why not play on your phone and creep into the back of the car in front of you. Here are some awesome and some awful Android apps that will make your car journeys that little bit more entertaining.

1. Find My Car — Free
For those of you out there who continuously misplace their cars. It’s as simple as tagging your location with your GPS and following its instructions back to your car. The problem here is also pretty simple. If you forget where you parked your car, who’s to say you’ll remember to tag the location in the first place? Great idea though if you remember.

2. aCar — Free
If you care more about your car than your children then you need this app. Made for those who want to keep track of every speck of information that passes from the engine to the road. It lets you keep track of fuel costs to servicing costs. For the car obsessed and the forever-alone out there.

3. Radardroid — £2.54
Spend a bit of money and get one of the best money savers out there. It warns you of speed traps in your vicinity allowing you time to reduce your wayward speed to something a bit more government regulated. Say goodbye to those cumbersome radar detectors that the cops hate so much and say hello to your brake pedal.

4. Vlingo — Free
As illegal as it has become to use your cellphone in your car, we all still do it. Now though, you can keep your hands on the necessary steering wheel and talk to your phone. It has most of the functions that Voice Actions has, and less of the crashy action. It can also read incoming emails and texts. Make sure to speak with a proper accent and you’ll actually be recognized.

5. ParkDroid — Free
The ever present problem of finding a parking in a city is solved. Forget trying to remember where that fabled parking lot is that your friend told you about three years ago, Parkdroid will direct you to it, or find you a better one. You can also tag the location of your favourite secret parking. Great for finding a quite spot to hide from the cops too.



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